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Good morning and welcome to another Tuesday Teaser!  I am back from my short vacation (mostly work travel and a bad head cold), so I’ve got 2 teasers for your reading pleasure.  You know the rules: open your current book, pick two teaser sentences that will entice us to run off and read it, but don’t spoil the plot twists for us!

First, from my current book, The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell, a snippet form Dr. Marinus’ lectures on botany and scientists:

“It’s true that Linnaean taxonomy underlies botany, but he taught also that swallows hibernate under lakes; that twelve-foot giants thump about Patagonia; and that Hottentots are monorchids, possessing but a single testicle.  They have two.  I looked.”

That would be a fun guy to have dinner with!  The book is fabulous and I can’t wait to review it for you.

Now, a BONUS TEASER!  This is from a book that has languished on my shelves a bit, mostly because I have been traveling a lot.  It’s a pretty amazing set by Richard Galbraith called Concrete Operational.  I should be posting the review this week and giving away a set – which includes the novel, an art book and a dvd – this week or next.  BE SURE to chck back and get yourself entered!  This is a really unusual work and I think you’re going to enjoy it.  So, to whet your appetite, a teaser from the novel…and just for reference, Germany is a person’s name in this passage:

“Germany, I will give you justice, I will give you your dreams.  I will provide you with the knowledge of all time and all I ask in return, is the destruction of the universe.”

Now, try and tell me you aren’t curious!  I won’t believe you.  Check back on Thursday for my review and information on the giveaway.

What’s teasing YOU this week?


  1. Comment by Juju at Tales of Whimsy...:

    Wow. Powerful!

    My TT involves an angelic confession :)

  2. Comment by Sarah:

    If (s)he doesn’t ask for more…who cares about the universe?:D What is going on in this book? Teasing! If you like to check out my teaser: http://misspageturnerscityofbooks.blogspot.com/2010/10/teaser-tuesday-3.html

  3. Comment by PK Reeves:

    Concrete Operational’s teaser is really intense. Going to look up the premise of this one and really interested after the morsel you’ve showcased.

  4. Comment by Alice Audrey:

    LOL “They have two. I looked.” Great teasers, both.

  5. Comment by Shelley Munro:

    Great teasers. The first made me laugh and the second brought curiosity to the surface. Thanks for visiting me :)

  6. Comment by Barbara:

    I heard great things about The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet. I loved Cloud Atlas by Mitchell.

    thanks so much for stopping by On the Bookcase

  7. Comment by smellincoffee:

    Sounds like Linnaeus was to botany what Herodotus was to history!

  8. Comment by Anne Royce:

    Oh.. lol. I’m not going to pretend I understood the first teaser but it sounds kind of interesting. I shall have someone to explain it for me. Lol. The second teaser, however, is epic. I love the sound of it! Destruction of the universe! Oh, yes! Thanks for stopping by on my blog :)

  9. Comment by Heather:

    Two really great teasers, Lisa! I can commisserate with you on the head cold, as I am just getting over a sinus infection myself. Gotta love this time of year!

  10. Comment by Shaunesay:

    I admit it, I am curious, I won’t deny it! Thanks for stopping by my teaser today!

  11. Comment by Carrie at In the Hammock Blog:

    lol i’m glad you clarified about germany being someone’s name b/c i was picturing a political speech to the entire country! great teasers!

  12. Comment by Amy:

    Great teaser! Dr. Marinus’ sure would make an interesting dinner date! lol I’m looking forward to your review of this book.

    As for Concrete Operational, so all he wants is for Germany to destry the universe…that’s not a lot to ask! You have captivated me with this teaser…I have so many questions spinning around in my head re; this story!

    Thank you!

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