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Wondrous Words Wednesday

Words!  I’ve got words today!  These come from Horns by Joe Hill. This was a scary one – look for my review later this week. 1. Brumate: Hibernate; lie dormant “Go brumate somewhere!” he shouted. 2. Phylactery: either of two small leather cases containing texts from the Hebrew Scriptures (known collectively as tefillin); traditionally worn (on the forehead and the… Read more

Teaser Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday and time for another Teaser!  You know how this works: open your current read, turn to a random page and share a couple of teaser sentences.  This week, I finished one book on the plane yesterday and I’m only a couple of chapters into my new book, Horns, by Joe Hill.  (I reviewed his 20th Century Ghosts back in… Read more