Bonus Goodies

Read it here! Excerpt from The Necromancer’s House by Christopher Buehlamn

Okay, a special treat today! I’ve got an excerpt for you from Christopher Buehlman’s latest novel, The Necromancer’s House. This one sounds fabulous and today, you get a chance to read the Prologue. Andrew Ranulf Blankenship is a handsome, stylish nonconformist with wry wit, a classic Mustang, and a massive library. He is also a recovering alcoholic and a practicing warlock,… Read more

In a galaxy far, far away…

…and a few hundred years earlier, Star Wars would have been written in rhyme. William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Ian Doescher is a serious but hilarious reworking of the classic sci-fi film. I’ll have a review for you tomorrow, when it hits the stores, but today I’ve got a little preview: Read more

Excerpt: The Children by Ida Jessen

Today, I’ve got an excerpt from the award-winning novel The Children by Ida Jessen. Ida Jessen is one of Denmark’s bestselling female authors. Since 1989 she has written ten novels and short stories collections for adults and children. She has also translated novels from Norwegian and English into Danish and won a swathe of awards, including the prestigious Søren Gyldendal Prize and the BG Bangs Literary… Read more