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Rubber Side Down Follow-Up

Recently, I reviewed Rubber Side Down: The Biker Poetry Anthology. I recently a lovely email follow-up from Marc Goldfinger – author of one of my favorite poems in the book, “The State Trooper & the Biker Get Tested.” I mentioned that Marc is a substance abuse counselor and he told me a little about his work. Marc has written a… Read more


Starting today, I will be writing a weekly book review column for a great website called When Falls the Coliseum. I am really thrilled about the opportunity to write with this talented group of people. I will still be posting regularly here, but I hope you’ll all stop in and wish me good luck at my new digs! My first… Read more

Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Darwin! This is certainly a good place to remember the birthday of a man who wrote one of the most influential books in history – certainly one of the books that has caused the most controversy. I had hoped to be a part of Blog for Darwin, but it’s just been impossible to get much done on… Read more


I’m sorry that there hasn’t been much new to read here in a while. I’m battling The Cold of the Century, dealing with consultants and emissaries from The Corporate Office and trying to get ready for a 2-week business trip to Europe, so I am behind in my reading and my reviewing. In the next few weeks, you can look… Read more

Banned Books Quiz

I’ve been on the road this week (business travel is one of the more exhausting things I know – it should be an Olympic event!), so posts have been short. Still, I wanted to get in one last quick post for Banned Books Week. So here it is: a quiz that appeared earlier this week in The Guardian. Find out… Read more