Rereading old favorites

I thought it was just me, but apparently I am not alone. These days, we’re baking cookies, doing jigsaw puzzles, and rereading old favorites. I know that when I am stressed, I want to read something that I know I will love. I want to know the ending (and that I won’t be stressed annoyed by it). Others feel the… Read more

The long-lost reviewer returns

I’ve been away for a while. A long while. I did something I never thought I would do — I took a break from reading. I went through a pretty stressful period that included a bad breakup, buying my first house, and the death of my mother after a long illness. It was pretty rough. I found that for a while,… Read more

Reading Technology

My father bought some books online recently. Doesn’t seem all that unusual, really – he told me he was waiting for the package to get there, because he thought they should have arrived already. Then he said they were for sale on Amazon, but he’d bought them from the Kindle store “because they were cheaper.” Sure. But my dad doesn’t… Read more

Bad news for romance authors

A friend of mine pointed this story out to me: All Romance E-books closing down and ripping off its authors The gist of the story is this: the website, All Romance E-books (ARe) is closing down as of 12/31/2016. That would be bad news no matter what – I love the way that ebooks and self-publishing have given us such… Read more

Sharing a great deal from

A friend of mine pointed this out and I wanted to share it with you – check out this deal from is happy to announce the TOR.COM EBOOK CLUB, which we, as people who can’t stop reading, writing, and publishing stories, are very much excited about!   Check out Tor’s website for more information! I’ve already downloaded my free book… Read more

I’m back!

It has been a nice vacation. Work has been very busy and I spent about 6 weeks in May/June on the road. That means I got a lot of reading done, but not a lot of writing. The list of book reviews I have to catch up on is scary, but I read some great stuff that I really think… Read more

2016 Book Club Calendar

Looking for some good book suggestions? Who isn’t? I’m always looking for interesting ideas, and Algonquin Books has some great recommendations. Check out their 2016 Book Club Calendar, filled with “new titles, old favorites — and recent books you might have missed. Topical, timely and timeless, these books will give you plenty to talk about.” And what more could you… Read more