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My father bought some books online recently. Doesn’t seem all that unusual, really – he told me he was waiting for the package to get there, because he thought they should have arrived already. Then he said they were for sale on Amazon, but he’d bought them from the Kindle store “because they were cheaper.”

Sure. But my dad doesn’t have a Kindle.

He does now – I bought one for him the next day and got started setting it up. That’s when I found out he’d turned off the wifi at the house. [sigh] Well, we all had to learn this stuff sometime. So I’ve got the Kindle at my house, and I downloaded Kindle for PC for him, which is really handy. He spends a lot of time sitting at the computer, and now he can read while he’s there. We went online the other day and had a little lesson in buying books and sending them to his Kindle program. Now that I’ve got his new Kindle Fire set up, I’ll have to teach him how to send books to the FireĀ and to the PC. And after that: checking books out from the library and putting them on his Kindle.

The times, they are a changin’.

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