Teaser Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday and time for another Teaser!  You know how this works: open your current read, turn to a random page and share a couple of teaser sentences.  This week, I finished one book on the plane yesterday and I’m only a couple of chapters into my new book, Horns, by Joe Hill.  (I reviewed his 20th Century Ghosts back in 2008.)  I haven’t read much, but what I have read is definitely intriguing:

“The horns were covered in his own too-pale skin, except at the very tips, which were an ugly, inflamed red, as if the needle pojnts at the very ends of them were about to poke through the flesh.  He touched one and found the point sensitive, a little sore.”

I think I would be considerably more freaked out to look in the mirror and find I’d grown horns overnight.  How about you?

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