What’s your favorite bookstore?

My recent post on book bloggers and newspaper reviewers got the attention of David Rosenthal, Assistant Managing Editor at the Baltimore Sun. He had some comments on my post and he mentioned the Sun’s book blog, Read Street. (There’s some great stuff on the site – check it out and say hello!) He emailed me about a great little side project on the site: a Google Map of great bookstores all across the country. They didn’t have any Ohio bookstores, so I’ve added my favorite, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, pictured above. So, let’s add a little to their list: What are your favorite local bookstores? What do you love about them? When we’ve compiled a few, I’ll make sure David’s got a link to our list, so he can add them to their map. Make sure you tell us where the bookstore is located, and include a link if they have a good website.

You can see their Google Map here.

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