Teaser Tuesday!

I am getting geared up for the holidays and luckily, I have a couple of holiday books to help me. You know how we play this game: take your current book, open it to a page and select two teaser sentences (no spoilers please) that will make us want to ask Santa for this book for Christmas.

And that fits perfectly with today’s choice: Santa Responds – He’s had enough…and he’s writing back!

Now, this is my idea of a holiday book! With all the treacle-sweet Christmas specials and songs and ads and carols, you need a little something sour for balance – and the Santa in this book certainly qualifies! There are far too many options from this book, but I settled on two chocies from this same little book. Now, I think these will be helpful for my readers. the first will help you when writing a letter to the jolly old fellow; the second will give you some hints about what to leave for him by the fireplace. Enjoy!

“It’s really quite clever how you open your letter with some small talk, and then subtly slip in some minor transgressions as a distraction from the truly awful things you’ve done this year. Does ‘the pogo stick incident’ ring a bell?”

“Oatmeal cookies are disgusting. The only thing worse are oatmeal cookies with raisins.”

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