Teaser Tuesday

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday! I’ve got a short week this week, due to the holiday and some vacation, so every morning has been a good morning.

You know the drill: grab your current read and choose 2 sentences that will entice and intrigue us. (No spoilers, thank you very much.) This week, I’m reading As Meat Loves Salt by Maria McCann. It’s a little slow going so far, but a friend with excellent taste in books recommended it, so I am betting it gets better. Here’s a little snippet about the youngest brother in the story, Zebedee, which made me chuckle. Very well-put, I think.

“I have seen women, even women of quality, look at him as if they lacked only bread to make a meal of him there and then – and Zeb, not one whit abashed, return the look. I lack his charm.”

What has been teasing YOU this week?

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