Wondrous Words Wednesday

Good morning! Time for another edition of Words Wondrous Words on Wednesday! This week, I am posting some words from a book I finished recently, Tattoo Machine. I really enjoyed this one – wild and wooly stories from your local tattoo shop, told by an author who has a real interest in the art and history of the business. In case you’re hanging out, waiting to be tattooed, and you want to know what they’re talking about, these words might come in handy:

1. Trojan: A solid, business, oriented tattoo artist. A Trojan is never late and never breaks. They always arrive early to get the jump on any surprises. They take the job seriously and can be relied upon to fix any sink, change any lightbulb, or wipe the floor with any scumbag.

2. Tattoo psychosis: A condition that effects some tattoo artists , wherein they become territorial egomaniacs who believe they have divine powers now that they are actually making money doing art.

3. Taco Valve: You’ve just witnessed your cohort’s 1:00 appointment snarf down a jumbo, super-sized fast-food buffet. Shortly, they will be in pain, their body tense, their system racheting into high gear as age-old biological reflexes will kick in. Time to lean in and say “That ‘TV’ show is coming on at two.”

4. Packer: Someone who is concealing something on their medical portion of his or her elease form.

5. Boy butter: The petroleum jelly used in tattoo shops.

6. Night hog: A crappy tattoo artist; the weak link in the chain.

7. Tramp stamp: A tattoo in the center of a woman’s lower back.

Okay, there are lots, lots more, but if you want more, you’ll need to come back for the review later this week!

What new words did YOU learn this week?

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