Tuesday Teasers!

I am on the road again for work, so I am reading a bit of fluffy chick lit, The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns. This looks like it is going to be very quick and very fun. Lucy is Satan’s executive assistant, and what a job that must be! The first few pages will really suck you in, and I mused over several different quotes to use here. The winner:

“So, on my usual re-birthday, He called for my wish. I asked for Johnny Depp to install my cable – not the 1980’s Brat Pack Johnny Depp with the Flock of Seagulls bangs and the Viper Room scowl, but the recently oh-so-French, pirate Johnny Depp with the long silky hair and smart glasses that say ‘I vote even though I’m married to a supermodel.”

And what are YOU reading this week?

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