All books are not created equal…

This lovely Sunday morning, it’s time to take a break from great literature and check out some bad books – really bad books. A friend of mine pointed me to Awful Library Books and I have been laughing ever since! The blog posts actual books from actual libraries (names withheld to protect the guilty) that really, really ought to be weeded out, picked out, thrown out. Sometimes, you wonder how they got on the shelves in the first place!

“Does menstruation need a new image? This book on becoming a woman would probably have most pre-teen girls running for the exit. The weird artistic “woman” figures are creepy and the whole book has a feel like one of those “groovy” black light posters from olden times. Wrapping biology up in poetic life metaphors punctuated with red splotches is just too much…”

A lot of the books are just seriously outdated: investment books from the 80’s, wedding planners from the days when writing your own vows was a radical idea, books on careers in computers and telecommunications that show punch cards and cordless phones as new technology. It’s a very fun read for a lazy morning.

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