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Today’s new book is the next installment in the Family History Mystery Series, Death in Reel Time by Brynn Bonner:

death in reel time

In this second Family History mystery, a professional genealogist realizes the family history she’s tracing may be repeating itself after her client’s son-in-law turns up dead.

When genealogist duo Sophreena McClure and Esme Sabatier are hired to trace the family tree of Olivia Clement, they think the job will be an easy one. But then Olivia’s son-in-law is murdered. As the investigation begins, an ill wind of suspicion sweeps through the small town of Morningside, North Carolina. And as Sophreena and Esme delve into Olivia’s family history to find out more about her father’s disappearance back in the 1940s, they discover that the events of the past are proving to shed light on the present…

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