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It’s Tuesday!  Time for another Teaser!  You know how this works, pick up your current read, open it to a random page and give us 2 teaser sentences.  No spoilers, please.

Well today, I am between books, so I’ve got a really random teaser.  I opened the next book on my list, The Devil’s Star, and picked a few sentences for you.   I will say this — it sounds romantic, but things may not be as they seem:

“He didn’t touch her that first night, he just looked at her, caressed her cheek, told her she was beautiful, more beautiful than she would ever be able to understand, and then he got up.  As he was leaving, he appeared to be on the verge of tears.”

So, what’s teasing YOU this week?


  1. Comment by Sassy Brit:

    Oh how very sad! Sniff!

    Here is my Teaser for Tuesday!

    Hope you enjoy – a bit of madness!


  2. Comment by Mary:

    Great teaser – I want to know more!

  3. Comment by Lori @ Escape Between The Pages:

    Awww, what happen, talk about a teaser. You can’t leave us hanging like that. Well you can, but do you really want to? Enjoy your book. Here’s Mine.

  4. Comment by Andrea:

    Oh wow. What a sweet teaser.

    My teaser

  5. Comment by sumana:

    So sad… why does he have to leave?

    Mine is here:

  6. Comment by kaye:

    Oh, oh, makes you wonder what comes next. Have a good week and happy reading. My teaser is here .

  7. Comment by Aleksandra:

    That’s really great teaser 😀
    Especially ’cause I checked the book & sounds like one fantastic thriller 😉
    I’m definitely going to read this one :)
    Happy reading!

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