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I have been sick in bed most of the week with a bad cold, so I’ve got no new pictures (they’d be of tea cups and tissues, I’m afraid). Instead, I found some interesting things in the archives. Back in 2009, I had a long work trip to Amsterdam and 2 colleagues and I spent the weekend in Brugges. It was the weekend of misadventure, which is why most of pictures of the city are at night.

First, we stayed at a lovely inn just outside of town:

I always thought this place must be really beautiful in the summer.

We got into town very late, so we saw the city mostly by night, when the fountains are quite dramatic.

And the lighting makes everything mysterious.


  1. Comment by Cipriano:

    These shots are beautiful. I would love to stay at such a serene place!
    And maybe never leave!

  2. Comment by Brona:

    Thanks for sharing your travel photos – they give me itchy feet :-)
    Do you remember the name of the inn?

  3. Comment by Paulita:

    My favorite is the final picture. Those doors and the lights shining on the building… Here’s Mine

  4. Comment by Laurel-Rain Snow:

    Great shots! I would love to walk those pathways in person and stay at that inn….you’ve fueled a fantasy of mine. Thanks!


  5. Comment by bermudaonion(Kathy):

    My husband loves Brugges but I’ve never gotten to go there. Great photos!

  6. Comment by Christine Harding:

    I haven’ been to many places abroad, but I’ve been to Bruges twice, and loved it. You’ve taken some beautiful shots of a beautiful cit. My Snapshot is at

  7. Comment by Lisa:

    Brona, I don’t remember the name of the inn. I found it online and we chose it because it was very affordable, being just outside the city. The funny thing is that it has this lovely old-world feel to it (the door to the room had a big iron key!) but just over the fence was a Fiat dealership!

  8. Comment by trish:

    So pretty! I’m sorry about you being sick, though. That’s no fun :(

  9. Comment by Melwyk:

    Fueling my desire to go to Bruges! Even in these evening pictures it looks charming and quiet somehow. Thanks for sharing these.

  10. Comment by Sheila (Book Journey):

    I love that last picture!b Gorgeous!

  11. Comment by Melissa @ Melissa's Bookshelf:

    Beautiful pictures — and I bet you’re right about it being pretty in the Spring/Summer! Here’s my Saturday Snapshot post!

  12. Comment by Alyce:

    I bet your stories of misadventure are entertaining! Lovely photos! I hope you are feeling better.

  13. Comment by edgar:

    Countryside inns offer a different perspective. There is an added mystery like you wrote when you arrived at night in places you have never been before. The photos can add that memory of mystery.

    Wonderful photos.

  14. Comment by irene:

    Great shots, sounds like you need to re-visit.

  15. Comment by Melinda:

    What a beautiful place!

  16. Comment by Deb Nance at Readerbuzz:

    Ahh. The fountains are beautiful. And it does look mysterious.

  17. Comment by Wrighty:

    So sorry to hear you’ve been sick. Hope you’re feeling much better! Your trip sounds amazing and the photos are beautiful! Summertime must be exceptional! :)

  18. Comment by MarthaE:

    These are wonderful shots. We visited Brugges in July 2005. This makes me want to go dig out my photos. :-)
    I hope you are feeling better and that the bug doesn’t hang on.

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