And now, the WINNERS!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who entered. This has been my most successful giveaway ever and it has realy been a lot of fun. I had a grand total of 72 entries – more than enough to give away all 5 books. And I almost pulled off a perfect pick: the first 4 names the Randomizer spat out all asked for different books. So, here are the winners and the books they requested:

  • Callista – Months & Seasons
  • Literate Housewife – The Good Thief
  • Jenn – Abbeville
  • Susan Helen Gottfried – The Whiskey Rebels
  • Bermuda Onion – So Long at the Fair

In the interest of full disclosure: one of the winners originally selected (and posted here briefly) did not leave me an email address or any way to contact her. Since the post specifically asks that you leave a way for me to contact you, I’ve drawn another name. I feel terrible that someone missed out, but I’ve got to have some way to get in contact with the winners.

Thanks again for making this a great contest! I hope to be making the rounds and stopping by everyone’s blog to say hello in the near future.

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