Review: Exact Revenge by Tim Green

Raymond White is a young man who has everything: a fancy degree, a gorgeous fiance, a high-powered career and connections that are about to land him a seat in the US Congress. Then he agrees to do a favor for a dying friend and it all falls apart. His rivals frame him for murder, taking the job, the Congressional seat and the woman he loves. After nearly 20 years in prison, Raymond meets a wizened old coot named Lester Cole. Lester is an art thief with a plan for escape and access to an immense fortune on the outside. Raymond plans to use his share of the fortune to exact revenge on the people who wronged him.

The first half of this book is “Shawshank Redemption,” the second half is the most complicated, convoluted revenge you can plan with a few billion dollars at your disposal. The story is a bit fanciful (his revenge includes buying the New York Jets, for heaven’s sake!), but it’s a fun ride, all the same. If you love twists and turns and plot machinations, you’ll enjoy this one.

This made a perfect commute book – fairly short (only 5 cds in the audio version) and lots of action. If the library has more of Tim Green’s work, I will definitely be checking him out, pun intended. Order your copy at

Does the name Tim Green sound familiar? If you’re an NFL fan, it just might. For more on Tim’s writing and football career, check out the comments.

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