Teaser Tuesday!

Okay, you know the rules – just a couple of random sentences from one of my current books. This one looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. The book is Forgotten Fashion: An Illustrated [faux] History of Outrageous Trends and Their Untimely Demise. A little brain candy after some heavier books is just what I needed.

Now, from page 6:

The winter of 1905 brought the usual freezing temperatures to the island of Manhattan, along with a flu epidemic that was soon dubbed the “Gilded Germ” because, as socialite and wit Harriet Wellington remarked, “Unlike the silver, it never goes home with the help.” The outbreak infected only the upper classes,, moving from ballroom to ballroom, causing some to speculate that it was borne on the breezes of the waltz.

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