Tuesday Thingers!

Today’s question from The Boston Bibliophile: Members who have your books. Do you ever look at this feature? Do you use it to make LT friends, or compare notes? There are three tabs- weighted, raw, and recent. “Weighted,” which means “weighted by book obscurity and library size” is probably the least self-explanatory of the three, whereas “raw” and “recent” are more so. Do you get any kind of use out of this feature?

I have looked at it, usually when I am scoping out my friends’ libraries or an author’s library. I haven’t found it to be terribly useful. I have full collections of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe novels and of Robert B. Parker’s Spenser novels, so anyone that it links me to is likely to be a big mystery fan. That’s nice to know, but mysteries aren’t the only things I read. Still, it’s one of those interesting little features that makes LibraryThing such a cool place!

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