Tuesday Thingers

Today’s Question: Favorite Authors. Who do you have named in your LT account as favorite authors? Why did you choose them? How many people share your choices? Can you share a picture of one of them?
I haven’t really paid much attention to this feature. I listed a few authors way back when and added one more recently, when I started working my way through a new author’s series. So, here is my list, such as it is:

H. P. Lovecraft, 285 fans

Clive Barker, 109 fans
Arturo Perez-Reverte, 72 fans
Rex Stout, 71 fans
Robert B. Parker, 60 fans
Robert Crais, 42 fans

Wow – horror, mysteries and one Spanish dude. Interesting list. But naming someone a favorite seems like such a commitment. There are lots of authors I like, just like there are lots of books and movies I’ve enjoyed, but I always find it impossible to pick one favorite.

I wonder if anyone else has had as much trouble as I have with the way LibraryThing handles authors? For example, Rex Stout is listed twice – same spelling, no difference I can see – but one has a big question mark and one has a picture and a full listing. You can’t search for the correct listing for Arturo Perez-Reverte unless you can figure out how to put the accent mark in his name (which I obviously can’t). And I would have thought that avid readers would be a little more careful about how they spell an author’s name!

And finally – a picture, both because Boston Bibliophile asked for it and because who doesn’t like having a picture of a handsome fellow like Arturo Perez-Reverte on their blog?

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