Tuesday Thingers

Today’s question: Today’s question: LT Things- t-shirts, bags,cue cats- are you into the “stuff”? Do you use a cuecat to enter your books, or do you enter them manually? What do you think of the stuff?

Sad to say, I do not have any LT stuff. A bag would be handy. And I still need to pick up a few Christmas presents….

I enter my books manually. One of the great joys for me in setting up my library on LT in the first place was the opportunity to handle each of my books individually to enter them in the system. It was like a big ol’ reuninon, getting reacquainted with old friends.

I do like book-related stuff, though. I love my signed books, my Banned Books bracelet, my bag that says “So Many Books, So Little Time”. I have a jewelry box that looks like a a copy of Great Expectations. I have little stuffed characters from Where the Wild Things Are and a stuffed dragon with a pillow and pajamas that comes from a children’s book, although I can’t remember the title offhand. I have a great collection of bookmarks and I am hoping to add to it and find some lace bookmarks when I visit Belgium this weekend.

In other news, I promise that I will be posting some reviews and getting caught up very soon. Business travel is rough – it sucks up all of your time and makes you a zombie. On top of that, I have a terrible cold that I can’t seem to shake (perhaps it’s the travel, the lack of sleep, the lousy weather?). That has made me not only a zombie, but a slow-moving zombie, dragging broken limbs behind me. Not any fun at all. It will be good to be back among the living.

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