Tuesday Thingers – at long last!

I have been really bad about posting on this the last month or so. Real life – who needs it? I’ve been all over the place (literally), but I’m trying hard to get caught up.

Today’s question from The Boston Bibliophile: Holiday gift-giving. Do you give books for the holidays? Did you participate in LT’s SantaThing, either this year or last, or in other blogging gift exchanges? Were you happy with what you received?

I love to give books for the holidays! I am big book recommender, so it’s a lot of fun to give friends and family the books I think they would enjoy, and I am usually pretty spot-on with picks. My father loves history, especially local and military history, so choosing books for him is pretty easy. My mother loves detective novels and mysteries, but these days she prefers audiobooks (close enough). And I have always picked up books for my best friend’s children – usually the most unusual titles I can find. Luckily, they are fascinating little rugrats with unusual taste (rather like their mother); I can’t imagine every mother would appreciate me giving the little darlings The Wolves in the Walls!

Generally, I steer clear of gift exchanges. I did a couple this year, but not everyone approaches them with the same enthusiasm and it’s easy to feel let-down. Still, I love giving gifts, so I am always tempted.

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