Tuesday Thingers has a new home!

First off, I want to say a big THANK YOU to Wendi at Wendi’s Book Corner for taking over the Tuesday Thingers. I am very glad that someone was able to step up and help out, and I promise that I will be emailing some questions to help with the whole process.

The original intent behind the Tuesday Thingers was to help us (the bloggers) to learn more about LibraryThing and to encourage you (the readers) to check it out. So let me take just a minute to say that I have never gotten more out of a book website than I have out of LibraryThing. It’s not just the fun I had cataloging my books there, or the ongoing fun of adding to my collection and seeing how it grows – not just in size, which my groaning bookshelves will attest to, but in the types of books I own, a way to map the direction my reading has taken me. The opportunities I have had through the Early Reviewer Program, the friends I have made in the Groups – I started this blog after reading the other bloggers who posted at LibraryThing. It’s not just a catalog site, it’s a community and it has been an inspiration.

Today’s question: Here is a list of the main areas of Library Thing:

1. Home (http://www.librarything.com/, before you log in)
2. Home (once you log in, contains Your Home, Your Profile, Connections, Recommendations, Reviews, Statistics, Clouds, Gallery, Memes)
3. Profile (Recent activity, tags, comments, members with your books)
4. Your Library
5. Your Tags
6. Add Books
7. Talk
8. Groups
9. Local
10. Search
11. Zeitgeist (Stats, Top Lists)
12. Tools (Widgets, Store)
13. Blog

What area are you most familiar with? What area is your favorite? What area are you curious about? Are there any that you have not really looked at?

I am most familiar with My Library! I spend a lot of time in there, tagging and tidying up. My favorite areas are the Groups – plenty of good bookchat going on in there) and the Zeitgeist – I love the odd lists and seeing the libraries I have the most and least in common with.

One of the areas I haven’t really looked at is the Tools area. I don’t know that I have been back there since I added an LT widget to this blog. Also, I’m not sure I know the difference between Talk and Groups. Hmmm. I guess I have some poking around to do.

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