Teaser Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday again, time for another edition of Teaser Tuesdays! You all know the rules by now (grab a book, find a couple of great sentences and don’t give away the big twist at the end), so here we go…

Today’s sentences are from a fabulous book I’m finally getting a chance to finish – The Gone-Away World, by Nick Harkaway. A friend of mine described it as “a postapocalyptic, satirical, perfectly constructed epic” and I think she’s right on the money. I love this kind of stuff! So, from page 155:

The transponder was marching up and down a wall, trying to mate with everything it saw and kill anything that turned it down – or rather it was attached to the collar of a huge feral cat which was doing these things. I discovered this when I, intrepid detective, led my guys around the corner and ordered the cat to put its hands in the air and throw down its weapons, whereupon it jumped on my head and tried to rip my scalp off under the impression that I was a chew toy or a large, armoured mouse.

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