Teaser Tuesday!

Good morning! I am getting a late start today (early morning conference call – one of the hazards of having coworkers in Europe), but I am looking forward to getting caught up and reading all of the Teasers!

I am finishing up Lethal Legacy by Linda Fairstein, and this little snippet struck home. You see, I am a packrat. I save everything. Throwing things away borders on physically painful. It’s a state that I am trying desperately to overcome, because I don’t want to end up like this:

“From the floor to the ceiling of the entryway, with only enough room for a single individual to pass through, were stacks upon stacks of books, magazines, and yellowed newspapers, piled on top of one another and towering over my head. They were so densely packed together that although they gave the illusion of being about to tumble over, there wasn’t anywhere for them to fall.”

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