Teaser Tuesdays!

It’s Tuesday and time for a Teaser! You know the rules: take your current book and pick a 2-sentence teaser. No spoilers!

This week, I’m departing from my usual and reading a YA book. It’s called Skeleton Creek and it interested me because of the format. The book looks like a journal, even printed in a handwriting font, and tells Ryan’s part of the story. The other half – Sarah’s story – is told in online videos. You have to go to the website, watch the videos and read the book to get the whole story. I think it’s pretty cool and I think it’s the direction that a lot of YA fiction will be heading.

So, without further ado, today’s teaser. Ryan’s having a bit of reality check:

“In the back of my mind, there had always been one important fact: None of the terrible monsters I’d imagined over the years had ever really come to get me. But now I saw that it was true – there really was a monster, and it really was going to scare me to death.”

So, there you have it for this week – kids and monsters and video cameras. What could be mroe fun?

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