Wondrous Words Wednesday!

I have no words today! I’ve gone over the two books I’m reading and not a single new vocabulary word has jumped out at me. That’s not entirely surprising, because I know I have a pretty extensive vocabulary, but there is usually something that’s new.

Instead, I’m going to introduce you to one of my favorite new websites: Save the Words.org. All of the words pictured on the site used to be commonly used words; now, they are in danger of becoming obsolete. How can you help? You can Adopt a Word! Adopt one or more of these great words and promise to use it in conversation. I have adopted:

Solennial: Occurring once a year; annual.

Isn’t that a nice word? And I can prove it’s mine!

There are lots of great words there! And they are all shouting for your attention (literally) – it’s really hard to choose. Which one will YOU adopt?

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