Teaser Tuesday!

Okay, you know how this works: take your current read, open at random and give us 2 teaser sentences.

My current book is Throw Out Fifty Things by Gail Blanke. I have said here before that I am a packrat, so it was very nice of the folks at LibraryThing‘s Early Reviewer program to send it to me (how did they know?). Today, I am going to break the rule of two. I found an interesting passage about – gasp! – getting rid of books:

“Surrounding myself with books shouts, I want to learn, I am a curious person, I am smart. But Beth decided that maybe she no longer needed to make that point – and that in some cases her overabundance of books actually weighed her down. “Books can be a burden and a source of frustration because they remind me at every turn that I will never have enough time and energy to absorb what I’ve got, let alone what’s yet to be published.”

I never really thought about my books that way, but I admit that I do sometimes feel guilty about all the books I own that I have never read. Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t read them or that I don’t want to have them, but I am curious to see what the author’s advice will be to Beth. My little packrat heart is afraid I already know.

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