Teaser Tuesdays

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for another round of Teasers, hosted by ShouldBeReading. You know the drill: open your book at random, pick 2 (or occasionally more) sentences that should intrigue us but not spoil the plot.

This week, I am finishing up An Offer You Can’t Refuse by Jill Mansell. I know, I know, I had promised the review for last week, but I had to set this one aside when Real Life intruded on my reading – don’t you hate when that happens? – and I am just finishing up. So, I won’t tell you who this is or when this conversation takes place, but it sure shakes things up!

“What really happened.” Another pause, then Nick exhaled and shook his head. Finally, slowly, he said, “What really happened is I went to prison.”

Now, don’t you wanna know who Nick is? And what he went to prison for? What has you intrigued this week?

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