Teaser Tuesday!

Good morning and happy Tuesday! It’s time for another Tuesday Teaser! You know the rules: grab your current read, choose some sentences at random, and tempt me into picking up your book when I’m done with mine.

My sentences this week are from Tattoo Machine: Tall Tales, True Stories and My Life In Ink by Jeff Johnson. It’s all about his life in the tattoo industry, as you might have guessed, and these sentences convinced me that working in a tattoo parlor is nothing like working in my office:

“The skinhead roared and swept the screen aside to find himself staring down the twin barrels of a sawed-off shotgun. The artist holding it had a very no-nonsense expression.”

There is, of course, a great story behind this…if you want to read it, check out the comments!

What is teasing YOU this week?

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