Tuesday Teasers

Okay, I know it’s just barely still Tuesday, but travel days are hectic. Still, I wanted to share a little of my current book, Fool, by Christopher Moore. It’s the story of King Lear, told by his vulgar, conniving and (most of all) horny court jester. The book had me giggling like a maniac on the plane.
Now, you know how this works: grab your current read and share two sentences that are going to tempt me to read it. (No spoilers, please.) And since I’m so late getting this posted, I will give you a couple of great two-sentence bits from the story. This is a fun one – look for the review in the next week or so.

“Advice then, young yeoman: When referring to the king’s middle daughter, state that she is fair, speculate that she is pious, but unless you’d like to spend your watch looking for the box where your head is kept, resist the urge to wax ignorant on her naughty bits.”

“Ah, Goneril, Goneril, Goneril — like a distant love chant is her name. Not that it doesn’t summon memories of burning urination and putrid dischargem but what romance worth the memory is devoid of the bittersweet?”

Since my first quote used only one sentence, this one will use three:

“My, my, Fi, bit of a tart, aren’t we?”
“Druish, love. My people burn a virgin every autumn – one can’t be too careful.”

And if that doesn’t give you a feel for the story, well, read at your own risk. You still have to worry about your comrades thinking you’ve gone mad, giggling over your book this way.

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