Tuesday Teasers!

Welcome to Teaser Tuesdays! Every Tuesday, we grab our current book, pick a couple of interesting sentences to try and entice you to read it. (Beware of spoilers!)

Yesterday evening was nice – the weather finally feels like summer – and I took advantage of that to sit out on my stoop with a bottle of Red Stripe and a new book. I needed to find just the right book for that moment, and I settled on The Colorado Kid by Stephen King. It’s a tiny little book in an old dime-novel style and it was perfect for an evening on the stoop. Today’s teaser is a little bit of truth about men and women:

“Johnny told me that night at the Breakers that he never could have done what she wanted if she hadn’t been right there watchin him and countin on him to do it, and you know, I believe that’s so. For a woman a man will do many things that he’d turn his back on in an instant when alone; things he’d back away from, nine times out of ten, even when drunk with a bunch of his friends egging him on.”

I certainly think that’s the truth. I’m enjoying the downhome style of the two main storytellers, Vince Teague and Dave Bowie. And the best part is, I should be able to finish the book (and another bottle of Red Stripe) this evening.

What’s teasing you this week?

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