Wondrous Word Wednesdays!

Words, words, wonderful words! This week, I finally had some books that challenged me – and I bet some of them are going to challenge you, too.

First, from The Private Papers of Eastern Jewel:

1. Sanguine: “The girl had glycerine eyes and marvelous lips that had no bow but were the shape and colour of a segment of blood orange, a soft sanguine red.”

Of the color of blood; red.; of a healthy reddish color.

2. Ger: “It had one huge half-moon courtyard at the front of the house that was crowded with gers…”

A round felt tent which required large numbers of poles and laths.

3. Diet: “Although he was a member of the diet he never talked about politics with me, but would sometimes speak about his family business.

A legislative assembly in certain countries (e.g., Japan) .

4. Demi-monde: “Mari had a penchant for the demi-monde.”

Literally “half world”; a class beneath proper Society. Generally used to refer to those of questionable reputation.

5. Samphire: “We ate wonderful sweetmeats made from almonds and pear syrup and invariably ended the banquet with a soup of samphire or chestnuts.”

A fleshy green plant which grows on coastal marshes. Also known as glasswort or pickle-plant or sea asparagus.

6. Shambolic: “Yet it was a good deal more fitting for an emperor than the shambolic Quiet Garden in Tientsin had been.”

(British slang) disorderly or chaotic.

And now, one from Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse:

7. PEBKAC: “Any time I’m at work at 2 a.m., it’s either PEBKAC or Microsloth.”

Okay, I admit that I knew this one (I do a bit of software tech support), but it’s too much fun not to share. PEBKAC is “Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair”

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