Teaser Tuesdays!

Okay, you know how this works. Grab your current read, open to a random page and choose 2 teaser sentences. No spoilers, but they should intrigue us.
This week, I’m choosing 2 sentences from a book I haven’t started yet. I hope to finish it up this coming week, while I’m on the road again (back to LA, if you’re trying to keep track). The book is Ghost in the Machine by Patrick Carman. This is the follow-up to Skeleton Creek, which I reviewed this past spring. (You can read my review here.) It’s a great blend of media – part of the story is told in print, in Ryan’s Journal; part of the story is told in video form, on Sarah’s website. I really enjoyed the first book and I am looking forward to Ghost in the Machine, which finishes the story. So…a little something creepy for a Tuesday morning:

“I woke up and it was pitch black in my room and I decided right then and there that falling asleep was just the beginning of my problems.

The real problem was what woke me up.”

Oh, I know what woke woke him up and I would be scared, too! Come back next week for the review!

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