Teaser Tuesdays!

Good morning! It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for another little tease from a book I’m currently reading. You know the rules: Open your current read and choose two teaser sentences. No spoilers, please, and don’t forget to tell us about the book!

This teaser comes from I Shudder: and Other Reactions to Life, Death and New Jersey by Paul Rudnick. Rudnick is one of those Hollywood types you never heard of, but he wrote screenplays for movies like Sister Act, The Addams Family, and In & Out. So, kind of a funny guy. Really liked the book (look for my review today over at When Falls the Coliseum or later this week here on the blog) and I liked this quote because it’s so seasonal:

Santa’s appearance is a cruel prank: red velvet on a fat man, with a wide black patent leather belt to provide some stab at a waistline? the beard and the boots? Over the centuries, Santa has begun to dress like an effeminate, drunken lumberjack…

Okay, maybe my idea of a fun, seasonal quote is a little off the norm but admit it – it made you laugh. I know it did.

What’s teasing YOU this week?

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