Wondrous Words Wednesday

Okay, I am sneaking in at the last minute with some great new words.   My words this week are from Homer and Langley by E.L. Doctorow.  It’s a fictionalized history of the Collyer brothers – infamous New York eccentrics and one of the early documented cases of hoarding.  Check back tomorrow for the review and some startling pictures!

1. Aperçu – an insight

“For this aperçu, he was sent out on patrol night after night, crawling over a furrowed blasted plain of mud and barbed wire…”

2. Peroration – To speak at great length, often in a grandiloquent manner

“Miss Perdita’s peroration, addressed only to Langley, the one person in the room high enough in her estimation to have her opinion, was actually quite interesting.”

3. Propitiation – appeasement; a conciliatory offering to a god

“We had befriended the family, sitting with them and having coffee, I feeling sorry for Massimo – but how was that anything but propitiation.”

4. Corbel – a truss or bracket, usually made of stone

“Or they would point at the gap in the cornice where the marble corbel had fallen to the sidewalk.”

What new words did YOU learn this week?

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