New books!

As I mentioned, I’ve gotten some new books from the nice folks at HarperCollins, as well as some new stuff in audio from the library.  I’ve been working at home a lot lately on some relatively relaxing projects, and it’s great to listen to a book while I am doing database cleanup or updating files. Plus, I have a trip to our office in Wixom, MI coming up and an audiobook is a great way to add value to a long drive.

First up, Pale Demon by Kim Harrison. Now, I have to say that the blurb HC sent me (“This time, Rachel’s leaving The Hollows, on a cross-country road trip with a pixy, an elf and a vampire.”) did not inspire a lot of enthusiasm. However, a well-read friend of mine reported that she has devoured these books, but recommended that I start at the beginning of the series. So, that makes this one a give-away! Check back next week for a chance to win.

Next, The Bone Yard by Jefferson Bass. This is the sixth novel in the Body Farm series, and this one sounds like it’s right up my alley — a mystery wrapped around an ominous local legend, with perhaps a few ghosts thrown in for good measure. I am looking forward to reviewing this one.

Dark Prince, the first in Christine Feehan’s Dark series, is another that sounded a bit cheesy (more vampire romance), but I skimmed a few pages and got sucked in. Someone has already claimed this copy, but I’ve got a promise of more giveaways from the publisher after a review, so keep on looking for this one.

Stephen King is the master of the short story, which is what prompted me to pick up UR off the library shelves. It’s short and should be a fun read…or is that a fun listen?

Last on the list is When Giants Walked the Earth, the history of Led Zeppelin. I know I’m not the only reader who had one of those Robert Plant posters on my wall as a teenager (oh lord, those tight jeans) and I’ve always been a big fan of the band. These guys changed rock music forever, and I am interested in the story.

So, not a bad haul — I’ve got some great reading ahead of me, which hopefully translates into some great reviews for you to read. Keep checking back for giveaways and other treats.

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