This is an interesting bit of a quote, and one I agree with wholeheartedly:

Never judge a book by its movie.

J. W. Eagan

I do hate it when they take a great book and turn it into an awful movie. They’ve done it to any number of Stephen King’s horror novels (say what you will about King, he can scare the pants off a reader!). There are so many examples that I am always wary of seeing the movie adaptation of a book I loved. I waffled about seeing Winter’s Bone (I eventually did and enjoyed it) and I skipped The Road even though I love Viggo Mortensen – the book was just wrenching, but I can’t imagine the movie having the same impact.)

Sadly, I can’t find a bit of information about Eagan – I’d like to know whether he was in the book business or the movie business.

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