This Week on the Shelves

This is another week on the road for me (back in Detroit), but I should have time to get to everything. Takes a little planning, but I usually know when I’ll have early nights and what I need to finish up in advance.

Monday: Along with my weekly, preview, I’ve gotten some new books to share with you.

Tuesday: If it’s Tuesday, there must be a Teaser. Not sure what I’ll be reading by Tuesday, so we’ll have to see what comes up.

Wednesday: Wondrous Words Wednesday – I’ve got some great words from a book I just finished, The Face Thief by Eli Gottlieb (check back soon for a review).

Thursday: My review of In Search of the Rose Notes — I really enjoyed this one. An interesting mystery.

Friday: I’ve got a guest post from Rudy Mazzochi, author of Equity of Evil. Be sure to stop back for that.

Saturday: There will almost certainly be a Saturday Snapshot –I’m just not sure yet what it will be.

Sunday: A girl has to rest and catch up on her reading sometime, doesn’t she?

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