Review: Blackmailed by Annmarie McKenna

I found Blackmailed¬†by Annmarie McKenna tucked away in a stack of books I got at a convention. I hadn’t really given it much thought (pretty blond girl on the cover didn’t do much for me), but I picked it up when I was looking for something mindless. I got exactly what I expected — a hot bit of fluff with some steamy sex and not much plot. Completely enjoyable.

Let’s just say up front that the plot is completely ridiculous. Brianna is lovely and innocent and her father is an utter bastard. He is ashamed of his blind son, so he tries a business arrangement with a handsome, young millionaire: Daddy Dearest is willing to pay Cole Masters, the most eligible bachelor in town, to impregnate Brianna. Dad figures this will get him the perfect heir he longs for. Of course, Cole and his best friend, Tyler, are immediately smitten with Bri and decide they must marry her and live happily ever after, having lots of kinky threesome sex along the way.

The sex is definitely hot, although a warning: there are definite consent issues, so beware if that pushes your buttons. Brianna goes from virgin to vixen in less than 7 days, and no one in the family (other than Daddy) has any problems with her ¬†little menage. There’s even a little danger, public sex and a death threat to make sure you’re paying attention. But let’s face it — you’re not reading this for the literary merit. The sex is hot, the boys are sweethearts down deep, and there is bound to be a happy ending. That’s all you really need.

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