This week…

This week, I have some great stuff coming up! I am trying to get caught up on the reviews of all the books I read while I was on vacation, so I have a few of those coming up. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll see:

Monday: This afternoon, I’ll tell you about some great new audiobooks I received.

Tuesday: I’ll have a Tuesday Teaser from my current book.

Wednesday: I’ve read 2 great mysteries recently by Anne Holt, 1222 and Blind Goddess. The second book, Blind Goddess, actually comes earlier in the series than the first book, but I’m going to review them in the order I read them. So the review of 1222 will be up on Thursday.

Thursday: Now we’ll get my review of Blind Goddess. These were really good books, and I’ll be looking forward to her next installment.

Friday: I’ve got a guest post from Lisa Bouchard, author of The Shattered Door about her inspiration for her story.

Saturday: As always, Saturday Snapshot. I’ve got some great pics from my trip to Seattle.

Sunday: A new Quotable, from The Uncommon Reader.

That’s a busy week! Be sure to check back and see everything!

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