This week…

Okay, last week was busy and this week is lazy. After all, it’s a holiday — I should be able to spend some time on my couch, with a book, enjoying my Christmas tree. I hope you get the chance to do the same.

Monday: Later today, I’ll have a review of a special holiday classic.

Tuesday: Merry Christmas! I’ll be taking the day off to enjoy some time with my family. I hope you are able to do the same.

Wednesday: I’ve got some new books to tell you about. These are unsolicited, so they’ve got to really catch my attention to make the review list.

Thursday: On the advice of some well-read friends I picked up Redshirts by John Scalzi. Might be the most fun read this year. I enjoyed it enough that I stocked my Kindle with other Scalzi titles. Stop in Thursday for my review.

Friday: I haven’t got a plan for Friday yet. If I finish my current book, I may have a Hot Read for you, to take you into the holiday weekend.

Saturday: Saturday Snapshot — maybe some fun pics from the holiday festivities.

Sunday: Another Quotable — interesting, funny, thought-provoking statements about reading and books.

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