New on the Shelves…

The next new book this week is an interesting one: The Repurposed Library: 33 Craft Projects That Give Old Books New Life. I love the book sculptures and altered books you find online, and I always have a few books sitting around that I didn’t love and might make great art projects. I thought this might be fun to tackle.

repWe all love to read and learn from books, but The Repurposed Library takes our passion even further, presenting us with 33 projects to make–quite literally–out of books. For these projects, Lisa Occhipinti rescues and repurposes orphaned and outdated books from flea markets and library sales and turns them into new art objects and practical items for the home. Her creations range from artfully constructed mobiles, wreaths, and vases, to functional items like shelves, storage boxes, and even a Kindle “keeper” for those who want to replicate the sensation of holding a “real” book while reading from an e-reader. Projects utilize every imaginable part of a book–from hardback cover to individual pages–and are a DIY celebration of a new way to view a book’s potential.

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