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Happy Wednesday — it’s time for some new words! You know how this works – share a few words from your current book that you had to look up, then head over to Bermuda Onion’s Weblog to learn some new ones.

This week, my words are from an online magazine called Death and Taxes. They put together a list of 18 Obsolete Words that Should Never Have Gone Out of Style. There are some great words on that list – you should read the whole list – and here are my favorites:

Spermologer: A picker-up of trivia, of current news, a gossip monger, what we would today call a columnist — “The Word Museum: The Most Remarkable English Words Ever Forgotten” by Jeffrey Kacirk

Resistentialism: The seemingly spiteful behavior shown by inanimate objects —www.ObsoleteWord.Blogspot.com

Wonder-wench: A sweetheart — “The Word Museum: The Most Remarkable English Words Ever Forgotten” by Jeffrey Kacirk


  1. Comment by Brona:

    Ahhh words to make me smile on a Thursday morning!
    My mind leapt to all sorts of (wrong) conclusions about spermologer.
    And my computer is a regular example of resistentialism! (Although I will never be able to pronounce it :-)

  2. Comment by Margot:

    With some columnists I think spermologer is much more accurate. Too bad it’s out of circuoation.

  3. Comment by bermudaonion(Kathy):

    Great words! I have to admit that wonder-wench is my favorite. I’m going to try to use that at book club next week.

  4. Comment by Louise:

    I really like the word resistentialism, but hate it when that happens.

  5. Comment by Kelly:

    Spermologer. That one speaks for itself.

    Perhaps I’ll try wonder-wench on a coworker today…

    Great words!

  6. Comment by Julia Tomiak:

    “Sweetheart” is NOT what came to mind when I read “wonder wench”- for me, wench has a negative connotation, and I’d be afraid to use that in conversation! Same for spermologer. What interesting words!

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