Teaser Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday again! You know the rules – open your current book, choose two sentences, don’t give away any spoilers.

I’m currently reading two books, Legerdemain, by James Heaphey (pretty dry – I was hard-pressed last week to find a quote to use) and my commute book, The Watchman by Robert Crais. In this book, Joe Pike – sidekick in Crais’ Elvis Cole mysteries – gets top billing. A much better choice for a Teaser, as we see from the very first paragraph of the story:

The city was hers for a single hour, just the one magic hour, only hers. The morning of the accident, between three and four A.M. when the streets were empty and the angels watched, she flew east on Wilshire Boulevard at eighty miles per hour, never once slowing for the red lights along that stretch called the Miracle Mile, red after red, blowing through lights without even slowing; glittering blue streaks of mascara on her cheeks.

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