Wondrous Words Wednesday!

Welcome to another exciting edition of Wondrous Words Wednesday!

I have been having toruble lately finding good words for this post. I guess I just haven’t been reading the sort of books that lend themselves to new vocabulary. So, here are some that I have picked out of books I’ve yet to read, off of websites, or in conversation:

1. Kommando – “The whole kommando is in a fevor of excitement at the great and wonderful news: Vicom is leaving!” From Resistance by Agnes Humbert.

During World War II it was the basic unit of organization of slave laborers in German concentration camps.

2. Anodyne – “The Bozo Project is anodyne for a world weary of crisis and conflict. ” From a web post.

Analgesic; a medicine used to relieve pain.

3. Arils – “For centuries, different parts of the fruit – arils, rind, juice, bark – have been used to treat a wide range of ailments. From Rubies in the Orchard by Lynda Resnick

An aril is any specialized from the funniculus (attachment point of the seed) that covers or is attached to the seed. The aril may create a fruit-like structure, as you find in pomegranates.

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