Teaser Tuesdays!

Welcome to another edition of Teaser Tuesdays! This is by far the biggest meme I’m signed up for and has added more books to my TBR list than I can count! It’s hosted by MizB over at shouldbereading, and by now you know the rules:

1. Open your current book to a random page (although I bet we all cheat on that one);
2. Choose 2 teaser sentences at random (okay, we cheat on that one, too)
3. NO SPOILERS! (I don’t think anyone cheats on that one.)
4. And be sure to give us the details on the book, so we can run out and buy it!

My Teaser today is from a book I received for the Green Books Challenge. It’s sponsored by EcoLibris: They will be rounding up 111 book blogs to review books provided by publishers with a commitment to going green. I will be posting my review on November 10th, so be sure to check back for it.

My book is Going Fast by Elaine McCluskey. It’s focused on the world of boxing in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is full of some of the most fascinating characters ever. I am not quite finished, but this quote really stood out – I think you’ll understand why:

“He remembered it all like a slide show: one bright, disconnected moment after the other: being hoisted from his chair, feet losing contact. Scott had no idea how he had landed with enough force to drive the desk spike through his wrist, or how an innocuous office implement stacked with memos could have entered his flesh and surfaced like an armour-piercing bullet.”

Okay, anyone else have the urge to cradle their wrists to their chests? OUCH. But remember to stop back on November 10th for my full review! You can check out some of the other books and the participating blogs here. The colors make it very hard to read, but you’ll get the idea – it’s going to be a great day for reviews!

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