Yearly Archives: 2009

Teaser Tuesday!

Okay, I’m getting a late start this week, but I think you’ll enjoy this one. I’m reading a tiny little book called A Sportscaster’s Guide to Watching Foorball by Mark Oristano. I certainly don’t need the game explained to me, but it’s the season and the book is fun so far. I had to scroll through and read the “Cool… Read more

Review: How to Catch and Keep a Vampire by Diana Laurence

Vampires are all the rage these days. True Blood on HBO, the Twilight series and movies, Being Human on BBC America has a vampire, even the recently (and sadly) departed Blood Ties on Lifetime (and the books by Tanya Huff) – those bloodsuckers are everywhere. (I’ve even got a giveaway featuring vampires!) And for the modern woman who can’t resist… Read more

Another Great Giveaway!

Do I have a special offer for you! Have you seen the trailers for The Vampire’s Assistant? It looks great and I’ve got a special giveaway to go along with the movie! Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant, based on the popular series of books by Darren Shan, is a fantasy-adventure about a teenager who unknowingly breaks a 200-year-old truce… Read more

Review: The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny

The Brutal Telling is a first-rate detective novel. The mystery is complex and well-plotted, while the beautiful Canadian scenery and charming characters breathe life into the story. It is a look into the very darkest corners of the human heart, a reminder that we never truly know what another person is capable of, or what secrets they may keep. The… Read more

FTC Updates

There have been some excellent posts recently about the FTC’s new guidelines on endorsements. You can find more information at DearAuthor and Huffington Post. One thing that was reassuring is that the FTC cannot actually levy fines. According to Jane at DearAuthor, it works like this: The FTC has no ability to levy fines. A charge must be made and… Read more

Teaser Tuesdays!

Good morning! It’s Tuesday and time for another Teaser! This week, my teaser comes from Green Eyes in the Amazon by P.J. Fischer. It’s a dystopian future where the world is governed by religion, science is outlawed, and one biologist may hold the key to the future of the human race — if he can just keep her alive long… Read more

So the FTC doesn’t hunt me down…

The Federal Trade Commossion has issued new guidelines about book bloggers. Apparently, if I review a book and don’t tell you that I received it for free, I could be fined up to $11,000! $11,000. For a book review. Now, I do understand the motivation behind this. There are some powerful blogs (the examples I’ve read about are mostly mommy-blogs)… Read more

Wondrous Words Wednesday!

It’s Wednesday and time for more new words! I’m on the road so it’s a short post this week, but there are a few words I wanted to share. My words this week come from The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny. It takes place in a remote village in Quebec, so I’ve had a chance to practice a little of… Read more

Tuesday Teasers!

Happy Tuesday! It’s time for another Tuesday Teaser! You know the rules – open your current book to a random page and select 2 teaser sentences that will make us rush to the library or the bookstore and check it out. No spoilers, please. This week, my teaser comes from The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny. It’s billed as a… Read more

And the winners are….

First, I want to thank everyone who entered my Maximum Ride promotion. This is a great set of books and I wish I could pass them on to everyone who posted and commented. I am a big fan of anything that encourages young people to read, and giving them big sets of cool books certainly qualifies. I hope you’ll check… Read more