Wondrous Words Wednesday

I have some great new words this week! These are still from last week’s read, Heads You Lose. As I said before, this is a novel written by ex-lovers and their bickering between chapters is the best part. A lot of these words came out of a sort of competitive spirit between them that made the whole thing very, very funny.

1. Subfusc – dull, gloomy

“The welt had gone a weird subfusc purple.”

2. Asperous – rough

“She’d slept off most of her night at the Timberline, but what remained in her brain was asperous.

3. Caliginous –┬áMisty, dim; obscure, gloomy

“She found the house, a caliginous shingled thing half-perched on stilts.”

4. Autopoiesis – Self-creation;┬áThe self-generation of living networks. A process whereby a system, organization, or organism produces and replaces its own components

“You can read all about my ideas on autopoiesis.”

So, there you have them – 2 new words for gloomy, and at least one word you will probably never use in a sentence.

What new words did YOU learn this week?

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